5095 4th Street
Eagle River, Michigan 49950


Allouez Township
Allouez Township provides multiple services to the taxpayers and residents within its borders. The volunteer fire department responds to situations needing their firefighting skills and/or their training as First Responders. The Township handles sewer waste for approximately 459 households. The Seneca Lake Project is on line for 2017 with help from the Portage Health foundation. The Township was awarded a grant to put in a bigger parking area along with a fit trail to be put in the Summer of 2017. The Mohawk Park was also awarded a Grant from the Portage Foundation to install a Volley ball court. The Allouez Township Community Center is available to rent. The cost is $150.00 and the building seats 100 people.

Township Board:

Mark Aho, Supervisor [e-mail]

Renee Pinsonneault, Clerk

Julie Newman, Treasurer

Marilyn Worm, Trustee

John Kaura, Trustee

Township Office:
Phone: 906-337-2302 [Phone]
Fax: 906-337-2090 [FAX]
Township Website

Office Hours:
Tuesday and Thursday 10:00AM to 3:00PM

Board Meetings:
Third Thursday of every month at 6:00 P.M.
Allouez Township Hall -- 102 Second Street, Mohawk, MI 49950-0064

Township Assessor:
Lisa Kario, MAAO (3)

The Supervisor moderates the township board meetings; prepares, adopts and monitors the township budget and is the chief assessing officer. Along with those duties, the supervisor maintains the records for the Calvary Cemetery in Ahmeek.

The Clerk oversees the election process, is responsible for the township accounting, prepares minutes of each township board meeting, prepares notices for public meetings and maintains township records.

The Treasurer administers real and personal property tax collection and disburses township revenues, implements sound cash management procedures and proper custody of funds.

Mohawk Park Committee:
Carol Patrick 
Joan Heikkila
Ron Lahti
LaVerne Kytta 
Brian Carlson
Julie Carlson
Matt Pavolich
Cathy Isaacson 
Eric Hermanson
Marcy Hermanson

The Mohawk Park Committee oversees the fundraisers and improvements for the park. The park committee, along with other volunteers, handles the operations of the Ahmeek Ice Rink.

Besides the Mohawk Park, the Township has playgrounds located at the Allouez Township Community Center, in Fulton and the Ahmeek Ice Rink. The Ahmeek Ball Field is not Township property, but is maintained by us.



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