5095 4th Street
Eagle River, Michigan 49950


Keweenaw County Sheriff's Department
5105 4th Street
Eagle River, Michigan 49950

Sheriff William "Bill" Luokkanen
Under Sheriff
Curt Pennala

906.337.0528 [Phone]
906.337.4278 [FAX] [e-mail]

Term Expires:
(4-year term) 2020

Services Provided
Services provided by the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Department are as follows:

  1. Operation of a seven-bed, 72-hour lockup. Operations includes, but not limited to, housing and safeguarding of inmates including transportation requirements.
  2. Circuit Court security.
  3. District Court arraignments/security.
  4. Enforcement of State laws and local ordinances.
  5. Traffic law enforcement and accident investigations.
  6. Marine patrol, enforcement (seasonal), and education.
  7. Snowmobile patrol, enforcement (seasonal), and education.
  8. ORV patrol, enforcement, and education.
  9. Safety programs in the local school systems (seat-belt and bicycle safety).
  10. Animal control operations.
  11. Civil process service.
  12. Public relations and community service functions.
  13. Motor vehicle assists (lock-outs, jump-starts, information).
  14. All department members are First Responder certified and perform emergency medical functions in the county.
  15. Transportation for evaluation of mentally disturbed person to appropriate medical facilities if they are harmful to themselves or others.

The Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Department is the only law enforcement agency located within the County. With regards to training programs, this past year our officers received several types of in-service training, including Accident Investigation, Evidence Tech updates, Firearms training, Medical First Responders, Criminal Sexual Assault response training, and advanced roadside impairment training.

Concerning communications, the Keweenaw County Sheriff’s Department has fully implemented the 800 MHz radio system. All patrol cars are equipped with 800 MHz mobile radios, L.E.I.N.-capable computers and the deputies are equipped with the portable radios.

Our County has also implemented enhanced 911, with our main dispatch through the Michigan State Police – Station 80. The new system has significantly increased our communications effectiveness and reliability.

The off-road rescues, lead by the Ahmeek Village VFD, are also under the Sheriff’s Department Jurisdiction. For more information on the fund raising and equipment needed/purchased for the off-road rescues, please see their website at



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