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Veterans Affairs Information

Here you will find information regarding some of the benefits entitled to you and your family members. Information and resources for each service branch are available for service members, families, veterans and interested parties.

  • Do you know what benefits you are entitled to?
  • Do you know how to access and receive those benefits?

Keweenaw County veterans have the opportunity for more specialized service after the Keweenaw County Board of Commissioners formed the Veterans Affairs Committee in September, 2008. The primary concern of this committee is veteranís assistance. Detailed budget management in order to allocate and distribute funds to veterans and their requirements is an essential function.

A continued contract with the Houghton County Veteranís Affairs Office at 906-482-0102 provides the one on one contact and assistance with our Keweenaw County veterans. Please call to make an appointment.

This office provides guidance but is not limited to the following:

  1. Application for assistance and needed document requests
  2. Pension Claims
  3. Application for Veteranís Administration Medical Coverage
  4. Applications for Aid and Attendance
  5. Applications for both the State of Michigan Veteranís Fund as well as the Keweenaw County Veterans Fund
  6. Application for Federal and State of Michigan funeral benefits
  7. Veteranís Administration Home Health, Hospice, Aide, Telehealth and Respite Care Applications
  8. Prescription eye wear and hearing aid devices
  9. Dental Benefits
  10. Free daily transportation to the Veteranís Administration Hospital in Iron Mountain, Michigan

These are just a few programs offered by the Veterans Administration. It is very important to note that some of these benefits are not limited to the veteran, but may also be extended to the veteranís spouse.

There are formal periods of war in which service must have occurred for some, but not all, benefits. These are the eligibility periods:

World War II
December 7th, 1941 to December 31st, 1946

Korean War
June 27th, 1950 to January 31st, 1955

Vietnam Conflict
August 6th, 1964 to May 7th, 1975 and ďin countryĒ from February 28th, 1961 

Gulf War and Iraq / Afghanistan Wars
August 2, 1990 -- ongoing

 *** It is very important to note that if you had previously been denied a claim for any service connected disability as a result of the Vietnam Conflict you should contact the Houghton-Keweenaw County Veteranís Affairs Office for any updates to these claims!***

Contact Information:

Joe Battisfore
County Service Officer

Drew Crouch
Administrative Assistant & Van Coordinator

Office Hours
Monday: 0800 - 1900
Tues., Wed., Thurs.: 0800 - 1400
Friday: By appointment

Houghton-Keweenaw County
Department of Veterans Affairs
23810 Airpark Blvd Suite 130
Calumet, MI. 49913


Click here for a list of contacts for local service organizations. Please notify if there are changes or additions to be made.


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