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Community Hall Rental

Use of community hall is available on first come, first serve basis to all township residents 21-years or older. Agreement is for either a rental (30 days or less) or a lease (more than 30 days) of the hall. Any resident, or non-commercial organization sponsored by a resident, that completes this agreement is subject to the terms and provisions of this agreement as well as all laws, rules and regulations of the State, County, and Township.

Sherman Township Community Hall Usage Rules
1. Alcoholic beverages not allowed.
2. No nails, tacks, adhesives glues, removable fasteners, or tape can be used on the walls.
3. Clean and return all township property to designated storage spaces.
4. Keep access to emergency exits open at all times.
5. Stove, refrigerator, microwave and all countertops cleaned.
6. Restrooms cleaned and supplies replenished.
7. Spills on floors to be damp mopped.
8. All floors swept and damp mopped after usage.
9. Tenant responsible for removal and proper disposal of trash.
10. Flame-lit candles not allowed.
11. Pets not allowed; certified service animals are permitted.
12. Smoking not allowed.
13. Functions end by 11:00 PM.

Community Hall rental form is attached.

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