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Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 3/20/19 minutes
Date:  March 20, 2019

Attendees:   Chuck Bennetts, Mick Jarvi, JT Reno, Eric Smith

Discussion items:

- Due to the time frames of ongoing projects, Chuck suggested the committee move to every other month for meetings.   All present agreed.  Next meeting to be third Wednesday in May.

Water plant report (JT):

- everything running fine

- discussion on water plant operating manual - Eric&Jackie working on it, hope to have draft for review by JT in April.

- now testing water at new well.   If no radium, will try to go deeper.  Currently at 12 gal/min and 160 feet.

- 2019 testing schedule received from DEQ.   More tests this year but previously discussed tests with 3 bottles not required for Gay.

Sewer Report:

- since Bob Pieti now on night shift he will be unable to attend meetings.   After discussion it was agreed to ask Bob to submit a written report/summary prior to meetings he is unable to attend. Chuck to discuss with Bob.

- Chuck also to work with Bob in creating Septic Field/Sewer operating manual.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.


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