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Sherman Township News & Announcements
Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 5/16/19 minutes
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm May 16 2019

Attendees:  Bob Pieti, JT Reno, Mick Jarvi, Chuck Bennetts, Eric Smith

Water Report - JT Reno

JT attended a DEQ (EGLE) Water conference in Marquette yesterday.   See attached slides for reference.

Lead/Copper:  We will still need to prove no lead goose necks in system, now responsible to 18" inside house

Will be new water quality parameter tests every 2 weeks starting in July, we will need to run tests ourselves or send off to Amasa.

This needs decided by July - JT to work with Rob to see if self-testing possible.

We will need to check every house to verify no galvanized coming in, if so, we need to replace.

Timeline:  have 20 years @ 5% done per year.  Preliminary assessment due Jan 1 2020, complete assessment due Jan 1 2025

Also responsible for garden/lawn rehab.

Could do survey via mail/water bill survey.

Eric - hope to have draft version of water plant operations manual within a month.

Water plant is running fine.

Took 2 new well tests recently, need to wait 2 months for results:

- radio nucleotides at 160', so tested at 140' and 120' to see where to plug.

Sewer/Septic Update

Chuck and Bob pieti to work on septic field operator manual

Short discussion on equipment for cleaning drain field filters

Need to follow up on Chris Holmes on maintenance schedule and calibration

Also follow up with Tony Burcar - check meter on board - can it function or be replaced?

Do we need to schedule Tony now for yearly cleaning?

Tony also needs to repair fence.

Next meeting July 17 6:00 pm
May 2019 Wtaer Sewer Slides (PDF Format).


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