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Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 1/15/19 minutes
Date:  January 15,2019    6:00 pm

Attendees:   Chuck Bennetts, Bob Pieti, Eric Smith, Paula Jacobs

Agenda items previously provided by Rob:
First, there are several items that the water plant needs after the DEQ review.
1) Capital Improvement Plan (exists and is attached for submission to DEQ)
2) Bacteriological Site Sampling Plan needs to be updated and submitted to DEQ
3) Disinfectant and Disinfection Byproducts Sampling Plan needs to be updated and submitted to DEQ
4) Emergency Response Plan (template is attached and the current emergency contact information.  Plan needs to be drafted and submitted to DEQ. I would like for the committee to provide JT assistance if he needs it in putting together these plan.  The plan, or a proposed schedule for completion, have to be submitted to DEQ by 1/25/2019 .  If the plans can not be completed by the due date, then I ask that the committee help with a proposed schedule for completion.

Secondly, I would also suggest that the committee come up with a 15-year financial plan for the water supply system's user fee schedule over the next twelve years and past three years (2015-2030).  Outline when the rate increases happened, what the rate increases are funding, how those funds will accumulate and possibly be spent, and what the rate schedule will likely be over the 10-year life of the loan (2019-2028) as part of the increase "sunsets" once the loan if paid.

For the water plant items mentioned above, the committee was unable to address them at this meeting as JT was not able to attend meeting.  The committee did discuss that e-docs requested by JT may be available from UPEA.

With respect to the request for the 15 year financial plan, the committee requests an additional meeting with Rob to clarify certain items, including:

- integration/use of CRRP in this plan

- what amounts are we currently paying into each type of account and current balances (perhaps from Marilyn?)

- estimates for future costs, considering that UPEA estimate of current cost for replacement well was 50% low.

Other business:
Water plant:  Chuck wanted to make sure that is noted that the DEQ recommendation for a backup generator for the water plant is not feasible due to cost.  If a generator were installed at the water plant, another
generator would be needed at the septic field.

No other water plant updates as water plant operator unable to attend meeting.

Sewer report (Bob Pieti):

- drainfield working fine and new drainage installed last summer working well

- pumps appear to be rotating correctly now in terms of hours run

- yearly report due to DEQ just completed and sent to Chris Holmes for review and approval

- There is a spill conference conference to be held in Traverse City in February and an asset management conference in Mt. Pleasant.   Bob to share information via email

- Bob investigating the training needed for Certification

- No wipes noted.  Bob suggests that new pump impellers may be grinding up wipes.  2 dead goldfish noted in lift station pit.

Action items: request a separate meeting with Rob to discuss guidelines and information needed for 15 year rate plan.  We could combine with next regular meeting.

Next regular meeting proposed for Wednesday February 13 (1 week early).


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