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Sherman Township News & Announcements
Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 12/5/18 minutes
Date: December 5, 2018    6:00 pm - 6:45 pm  (note: Due to scheduling conflicts the November & December meetings were combined into one December meeting)

Attendees:  Chuck Bennetts, Mick Jarvi, JT Reno, Bob Pieti, Eric Smith

Water System Update - JT Reno

DEQ auditor completed site survey of water plant.  Audit showed that everything is working and fine, and that our water plant is "mid-range" in terms of capability and quality of design/construction/components, etc.

Recommendation to have a backup generator and also a replacement poly pump on hand as a spare.   Rob has ordered spare poly pump. Generator not financially feasible at this time.

Water plant working well, no issues.

Decontamination of well complete and all sampling up to date.

Waiting for 2019 Sampling Schedule from DEQ

Rate Increase Discussion:
Chuck asked that this committee come up with an additional water rate increase recommendation for the Township Board for the Dec 13 board meeting,  as the updated new well estimate is now $82K instead of the original estmate of $50k. After discussion, the recommendation is to increase the $9.00/month increase to $15.00/month, an increase of $6.00/month to account for the 64% increase in the estimated well price.    Thus, the total increased monthly cost would now be $21.00/month - $15.00 for the well and the previous $6.00/month for repair and depreciation.

Question for Rob - would the additional (and original) well fee only be assessed for the period of time needed to pay off the bond?

Still need a backup Water Operator.

Sewer Update - Bob Pieti

all operations good, no wipes noted in last 2 weeks.

Still need flow meter installed by Tony Burcar - to be done next spring. Tony completed all other work.

Next meeting Wednesday January 16 6:00 pm


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