5095 4th Street
Eagle River, Michigan 49950


Sherman Township News & Announcements
Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 8/15/18 minutes
Wednesday August 15 6:00 pm

Attending:  Mick Jarvi, Chuck Bennetts, JT Reno, Eric Smith

Discussion items:

- Rob to check on new well re-bid status, still no word from UPEA
- based on recent pump clogging issue at lift station, recommendation is now to pull those pumps once a year and clean. Recommending to do so in August after
Piquette reunion

- board should meet with Bay Electric to determine if  any other suggested maintenance items missing on septic pumping system.

- check with Rob to see if Bay Electric can calibrate pumps given that Chris Holmes has still not come out to calibrate

- check with Rob if any response to Kocheran letter.

- Discussed putting out an ad for sewer operator given that no one locally has applied

- Discussion on recent chlorine purchase from Houghton and possible alternatives

- JT reported that Dave Watkins, professor of Civil Engineering at MTU contacted him as to possibility of using our water system as teaching example for small town water systems.

Next meeting to be one week later in September - Wednesday September 26  6:00 pm


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