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Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 4/18/18 minutes
Meeting date:   April 18, 2018

Attendees:  Chris Holmes (UPEA), Mick Jarvi, Ann & Bob Strykowski, JT Reno, Chuck Bennetts,  Eric Smith

Action items from this meeting:

1. This board needs tutorial from Rob on interpreting/understanding  Water & Sewer Budgets to better understand how funds can be allocated to CIP

2. Need discussion/investigation into wireless flow meter for septic field

3. Need to re-check sump pump survey results

4. Need to check lowest points of Main St and Lake St. sewer lines to determine which line carrying excess wipes

5. Need to determine if Gay Bar has grease traps

6. Need to order/purchase sewer manhole removal tool

7. Ask Tony Burcar if he can design/install screen to catch wipes

8. Figures provided by Chris Holmes for CIP accepted
Discussion with Chris Holmes on Capital Improvement Plan (CIP):

Septic field is most costly replacement item in both systems - approx 100k.   Average life 20-25 years, ours could go longer with proper care,
Care: - control excess inflow
           - ensure Gay Bar has grease traps

How to enforce/control:

1. We need to recheck survey results on sump pumps - how many are pumping into septic?
2. We need accurate flow measurements at both ends:
     - for example, yesterday water plant showed 3220 gallons used but only 1300 gallons pumped by wells
     - flow rate measurements at septic field are suspected to be inaccurate
     - need to ensure water plant measurements are correct (re-calibrate?)

Discussion: investigate installing new wireless flow meter at septic field with ability to read at water plant to compare daily rates

Well update from Chris :  Bond announcement for well to be published in Gazette around 4/18. 45 days for public input, 60 days to bid, then finish by 9/30.

Sewer update:  Wipes continue to block filter.  More than previous.  Could Tony Burcar design/install screen to catch wipes?

Need to map manhole covers this summer as part of project of adding curb stops to water system online map.

Multiple water system connection issue:  It was agreed that the property previously discussed with multiple water connections is in compliance with the ordinance.

However, a discussion followed about a violation on that same property of section 2.10 of the Sewer Ordinance regarding storage of animal waste within the sewer district.  How to enforce given that the County Zoning official has decided not to enforce the Keweenaw County Zoning ordinance regarding farm animals on residence zoned property , despite written requests from the township. Numerous residents have complained and continue to complain about animal waste odors.   Need to check with Health Department.

Next meeting Wednesday May 16 6:00 pm


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