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Sherman Township News & Announcements
Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 1/17/18 minutes
Attendees:  Chuck Bennetts, Mick Jarvi, Bob & Ann Strykowski, Rob Middlemis-Brown, Eric Smith

Next Meeting:  Wednesday February 07 2017 6:00 pm


- 2018 Water and Sewer budgets
- User Fees
- Capital Investment Plan
- other items

1. User fees - Township Board had previously voted to enforce the existing policy of charging properties for services if a habitable building exists on the property.
In the past, some were not charged.

One of these newly charged users has sent a letter to the county prosecutor and township informing them that they believed this policy was in violation of a MI State Supreme Court ruling.

Rob conferred with the MI Township Association legal service and the consensus is that we are in the right  if items are met:
- all must be connected to system (user responsibility to pay for connection)
- we have a ready to serve fee

If connected, we would provide curb stop and property owner would need to pay for connection.

2. Water and Sewer Budgets


Rob suggested changing repairs/maintenance to depreciation
Water RRI now $13,000, Water Ops $7,000

Move to depreciation in April when new fiscal year starts

May need to double mileage and travel if JT Reno takes additional courses


Check budget in April
12k now in O&M, move 75% of that to RRI and leave 25% in O&M


Addy is doing billing on a voluntary basis. Cannot use taxpayer dollars/user fees for billing.   Her official term expires in 2020.

3. Capital Repair and Replacement Plan
Basically an extension of RRI

We have never properly funded water and sewer depreciation.

State Statute - must have Capital Improvement Plan or RRI plan.  Township has a CIP, need to have detailed for Water and Sewer systems.  Need 2 plans for 10 years out.

Can bring in Chris Holmes from UPEA for input such as pumps, wells, septic fields, etc. Next meeting?  Would like it finished within next few months.

How much would be needed for next 10 years?  Need to update them  annually.   6$/month per user going into it now + $2750 annually.

Rob can send templates to use for next meeting.

Water - 11 years old?   Sewer - 15 years?

4. Other Items

Water System

Operating fine. Avg 2500-5000 gals daily
JT Reno now second licensed operator

Sewer System

Operating fine, Chuck planning to take operator's training.


Rob reported that a search uncovered no system user manuals or maintenance schedules.  There are specifications in the filing cabinets.

Only known buildings without curb stops are Township Building and store.

Next meeting Wednesday February 07.


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