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August 2, 2017 Water/Sewer Advisory Board Public Meeting Minutes
Meeting date/time:   August 02 2017 6:00 pm Sherman Township office

Attendees:  Rob Middlemiss-Brown, Bob & Ann Strykowski, Eric Smith, Chuck Bennetts, Dineen Connell, Clyde Casler, Butch & Lynn Karvonen, Dudley Martin, JT Reno, Kelley Jarvi, Marilyn Kastelic, Nancy Sanderson, Ken Robarge.
Purpose:  Provide answers for  questions raised at July 19 public meeting regarding new water proposed water rates and new well as well as solicit additional comments

Chuck opened the meeting with a summary of July 19 meeting and purpose of this meeting

Rob discussed the August 01 DEQ/UPEA meeting results :

Q1:  Can we drill new well deeper than current well depth of 115'?
         DEQ position:  no limit, deferred to Bill Griffin.  Would like to see production of at least 20 gal/min
         Bill:  most production in this aquifer in top 125 ft.   Run some risk of hitting aesthetic problems (salinity) or radio nucleotides deeper.  If quality problem, can seal below problem depth with concrete.

         At present DEQ is concerned about Sherman TWP present capacity, not critical yet.  Township at it's own peril not to act.

Q2:  OK to drill existing well deeper?
        DEQ:   Yes, but not until new well (well #3) in production.  Then can experiment with wells 1 & 2.  If deeper drilling encounters water quality problems, can cap with concrete.  Not terribly concerned about cross
                    contaminants in existing wells since a contaminated well would clear after capping and well 3 would be in production.

Q3:  Required DEQ Timeline?  Up to Township, recommend timely action to avoid critical situation due to timelines of financing, planning and drilling.  Would like to see well 3 in production prior to July 4 2018.

Dudley question:  What about drilling existing well deeper in winter when demand is low without drilling new well?   Rob referrred to Q2 above.

Clyde:  No trust in DEQ

Discussion followed on sending water samples to Lansing and breakdown of well project costs. Total estimated cost 53k.

Dudley suggested calling Don Piche for grant information.

Actual well drilling project time - 30-60 days.

Dudley asked if we can have Chris Holmes give us a maintenance schedule for new well?

Rates discussion initated by Rob:   $9/mo for new well, $6/mo for depreciation
Discussed $200/mo rental rate paid to township for fire hydrant rental

Lynn asked: what are the 55 houses in Gay?  Discussion followed on 55 vs 65, non-payers, livable houses.

Rob discussed how bank will look at our income statements for revenue loan

Dudley - worth investigating turn on/turn off fee?

JT:  what if population drops, who pays?

Summary statement by Chuck supporting the proposed $15/mo increase

Next steps:

1. Water/Sewer Advisory Board meets Wednesday August 9 to make recommendation to Township Board
2. Township Board meets August 10 to discuss recommendation and vote
3. Clyde suggested sending notice about increase with September bill and starting increase in January
4. Dineen discussed that according to our ordinance rates must be reviewed every March


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