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August 1, 2017 Sherman TWP/DEQ/UPEA Meeting Minutes regarding new well
Meeting date/time:   August 01 2017 1:00 pm via conference call from Sherman Township office

Attendees:  Sherman Township: Rob Middlemis-Brown, Bob Strykowski, Mick Jarvi, Addie Schmidt and Eric Smith
                      DEQ:  Doug Pasco, Chuck Thomas
                      UPEA:  Bill Griffin, Chris Holmes

Purpose:  Obtain more information regarding questions raised at July 19 public meeting regarding new water proposed water rates and new well

Q1:  Can we drill new well deeper than current well depth of 115'?
         DEQ position:  no limit, deferred to Bill Griffin.  Would like to see production of at least 20 gal/min
         Bill:  most production in this aquifer in top 125 ft.   Run some risk of hitting aesthetic problems (salinity) or radio nucleotides deeper.  If quality problem, can seal below problem depth with concrete.

         At present DEQ is concerned about Sherman TWP present capacity, not critical yet.  Township at it's own peril not to act.

Q2:  OK to drill existing well deeper?
        DEQ:   Yes, but not until new well (well #3) in production.  Then can experiment with wells 1 & 2.  If deeper drilling encounters water quality problems, can cap with concrete.  Not terribly concerned about cross
                    contaminants in existing wells since a contaminated well would clear after capping and well 3 would be in production.

Q3:  Required DEQ Timeline?  Up to Township, recommend timely action to avoid critical situation due to timelines of financing, planning and drilling.  Would like to see well 3 in production prior to July 4 2018.

Other Discussion:

1. Discussion on possibility of county easement on county land to increase distance of new well from current wells.  Bill Griffin did not see a great return in production in going to 300-350 ft vs 250 ft, and costs would increase.
2. Discussion on issues/problems and possible solutions for current challenges with water tests via White Water Laboratory


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