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Sherman Township News & Announcements
Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 2/15/17 minutes
Meeting Date:  February 15 2017

Attendees:  Chuck Bennetts, Mick Jarvi, Bob & Ann Strykowski, JT Reno, Bob Pieti, Eric & Jackie Smith

Agenda Items:

1. Review of Proposed letter to Water/sewer customers regarding late payments:

    - suggest change 2071 to 2017
    - is there another letter that will discuss sump pumps and enforcement?
    - this board approves the letter after date change

2. Septic Field

     Bob Pieti reported field ok and operating without problems

3. Water System

Bob S. had conference call with DEQ - Chuck Thomas & Doug Pasco
They are not concerned with well capacity reduction unless cannot keep tank filled
Cannot do hydro-fracturing - wells too shallow
Leave as is for now, put word out for water conservation during high demand times
If conservation falls short, possibly meter use

What about running both pumps together?  Discussion followed, but ultimately limited by each well pipe diameter.
Pump guys suggested maybe going to a 1/2 hp pump vs 3/4 hp pump

Advisory Board action item - Is there a loan/grant remediation process written into loan or grant?  Is their any recourse for township for apparent design  issues such as 2 wells 50 feet apart, 6 inch pipes vs 8 inch pipes, etc?

4. Budget  - Chuck read some figures from his files, but decided it best if he could scan and send to attendees as the budget items needed further explaining by Rob.

Need to look at water plant expenses - possible brownout system bypass?

Do not understand depreciation of $4000.00 projected?

This group needs more clarification on budget projections from Township Board.

Next meeting Wednesday March 15 6:00 pm


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